Made of Australia.

Canberra is home to 12 of Australia’s most iconic cultural institutions. And for the first time in history, these icons are collaborating to give 12 unique perspectives of Australia’s story. These icons are made of our hopes, our dreams, our history, our future, our legends…. It’s made of Australia. So, no matter who you are or where you come from, you’ll find a part of you right here. Explore our Cultural Icons and find your story today.

12 perspectives. 1 story. Yours.

Campaign credits:

• NGA: Pear—version number 2, George Baldessin •  NPG: Portrait of Alex Dimitriades 2005, Michael Zavros •  NAA: Glamour, 1956 •  NCA: Photo by Dom Northcott •  NFSA: Francis Williams of the Naygayiw Gigi dance troupe in a scene from ‘Carriberrie’, DoP Joshua Flavell | The Thong Dress, 1994, Tim Chappel and Rebel Penfold-Russell | The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Deser, 1994 •  NLA: Germaine Greer holding newspapers, 1988, Brendan Hennessy